DreamWorthy Gifts Wins The 2009 Most Wanted Coupon Tournament

The winner of the 2009 Most Wanted Coupon Tournament is DreamWorthy Gifts! Congratulations to the wonderful owners of DreamWorthy Gifts Mike & Kali Kunkle. They have been working (and tweeting) very hard and deserve all the recognition they receive.

For those who are not familiar with them, DreamworthyGifts.com is a webstore that features thousands of gifts for all occasions. They have gifts for men, women, holidays, weddings, jewelry, sports, electronics, gift cards and more. The site came about because sometimes even they themselves did not know what to get for their friends and family when it came time to show they cared. They are dedicated to providing a safe, enjoyable online shopping experience with many opportunities to save from their refer-a-friend program to our exclusive coupon WantedCoupons20 that can be used at checkout to save 20% on all purchases. Here are a few words from the owners:

"We first met the team from WantedCoupons.com months ago when we both did a press release on the same day. As e-commerce biz owners with similar ideals, we made an immediate connection with these wonderful people and their awesome coupon site and blog. You can imagine how pleased we were when they included us in their Coupon Tournament! We run a business based on principles of kindness, service and common sense, but we're a small player compared to the likes of Sears, Amazon, Target and Kohls (where we shop), and compared to legends like Skechers, Football Fanatics and Restaurant.com. These are e-commerce players whom we respect and admire. In fact, even when we look down the list of the initial March Madness contestants, it's a list of coupon-offering e-biz players that we are proud to associate with. I doubt you can imagine our surprise as we wind down the Final Four contest this week, where we remained a contestant. Literally a few moments ago, we heard that we received the most votes and won the contest. We're a little stunned, but I believe this is a real tribute to Social Media, where we have made some phenomenal friends and fans on Facebook, Digg, LinkedIn - and especially - Twitter. Thanks to everyone who voted for us - especially our friends/followers from Twitter, where we hang out as @DreamWorthy. To our friends at Skechers, Football Fanatics and Restaurant.com... congrats to you for being in the Final Four and for being businesses to emulate. If we can ever do something to support or help you, please let us know. Mike & Kali Kunkle of http://www.DreamWorthyGifts.com. "

Recently voted one of the Dallas areas top twitter users, these two work dilligently to provide their followers and friends with updated information pertaining to DreamWorthyGifts.com and all sorts of other cool stuff. Frequently found on cheaptweet.com for their fabolous deals, digging articles for others and making informative posts on the blog, social networking and marketing is like second nature to them. Here is a listing of all the places you can find DreamWorthy on the web:

DreamWorthy Gifts LLC
Write to us: Mail@DreamWorthyGifts.com
Shop at: http://www.DreamWorthyGifts.com
Read our Shopping Blog: http://DreamWorthyGifts.blogspot.com
Read our Networking Blog: http://DreamWorthyFriends.wordpress.com

Refer-A-Friend Promotion: Refer friends and they each get a coupon for 25% off. When they buy, you get a coupon for 40% off! There is no limit to the number of friends you can refer or the number of 40% coupons you can collect. See the Refer-A-Friend banner at http://www.DreamWorthyGifts.com to participate.



http://www.tinyurl.com/DreamWorthyOnFacebook - become a fan!

Congratulations again to DreamWorthy Gifts, we couldn't have had a better champion. Thanks again to all our participating merchants and fans, we truly appreciate all of your support and look forward to a great rest of the 09' year. Don't forget to buy your official NCAA basketball championship North Carolina Tar Heel gear at Football Fanatics and Keep on Coupin' On!

All the best,

Wanted Coupons Staff

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